Monday, July 11, 2011

Novalash Review. The Grand Master of Lash - Michele Horan Eyelash Extension Expert of New York

No Mascara Required.  I only have mascara
on my bottom lashes, which are natural...
(no extensions).

I have ALWAYS loved false eyelashes. Even 20 years ago when they were WAY less cool and there were very few options, I loved their ability to glamorize eyes! Today, it seems that celebs, Housewives, and A-listers everywhere are trending with luscious, large lashes - even in daytime casual wear. Lashes are no  longer just for formal affairs, women are recognizing that lashes add noticeable depth and beauty to their eyes.  For many of us, the difference is so positively dramatic, once you start, you just can't stop wearing them. The new lash craze reminds me of the eyebrow phenomenon from 10+ years ago... they frame the face, revive appearances and can be designed to add dramatic facial enhancement that gets noticed.  You can easily enhance your appearance and beauty by filling in sparse areas of your natural lashes, intensifying your eyes.  Whether you want more emphasis on the ends of your natural lashes for a sexy, cat-eye effect or you want to fill in the center for a gentle, doe-eyed look, lashes can create instant beauty on just about everyone.

Last week, on my way in to see Michele Horan for a facial, I bumped into one of her eyelash clients as she was checking out. I observed nothing extraordinary at first glance, just a tall, thin woman, in her LuLu Lemon yoga outfit, a pony tail, no make-up... but then she turned her head and behold --- her eyes were magnificent!  Her simple, casual look was glamorized with one bat of her beautiful, long, stunningly natural looking lashes!!  I grabbed Michele, "OH MY GOSH - is that one of your eyelash clients?"  She laughs, "Yes, she was just here for a fill in."  My reply: "PUT EYELASHES ON ME NOW!!!!!!"

Up until this moment, I would wear strip lashes with Duo adhesive when I had the time. I had heard of semi-permanent eyelash extensions, like the ones Michele does, but really had not entertained trying it as I had not ever seen a live person with them.  Of course I had heard people say that the beautiful lashes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce were eyelash extensions.  I just believed that if they were, they looked so good because celebs have the best of the best eyelash extension artists at their disposal.  I had no idea Michele was an eyelash extension MASTER - right here on Long Island!  She is the "Grand Master of Lash" for the Gold Coasts' local celebs (we have a lot of them out here) to soccer moms. I have always known she gives the most outstanding facials, but I have just come to find out she has performed eyelash extension services 6 days a week for the last 6.5 years! 

I feel comfortable with people up close...
There are NO signs of glue or band.
So the thought of never having to un-glue my eyelids again and have semi-permanent lashes was just too much excitement for me to bare!  As much as I loved the look of strip lashes they make me crazy after a few hours. The glue pulls or they become undone because of runny, allergy eyes.  I can't tell you how many times I've have one of my falsies flapping in the wind (Especially in Aruba or on a cruise.  It's so un-romantic when your husband yells out, "eyelash overboard"). 

So we booked an appointment for lashes, and after 2 hours of Michele's artistry, these are my new lashes!!  They are semi-permanent, so there is no embarrassing "lift off" on the corners of the eye.  These extensions will not harm your natural lashes, and will act just like your natural lashes - shedding naturally.  They are waterproof, great for those with an active lifestyle.  You can do MORE with these extensions that you could ever do with glue-on falsies.

So what does it cost?
A full set from Michele Horan: Cost $300-$350 / Time 2 - 2.5 hours
Fill-ins, every 4-6 weeks: Cost $70 / Time 45 minutes - 1 hour
Prices do vary, complimentary consultations are invited & recommended - please call.

Michele Horan is a Licensed Esthetician & Certified Novalash Extension Specialist. 
Revite Skin Care Spa
327 Jackson Avenue
Syosset, NY
Phone: 516-457-9982
Visit Michele's Website:

For more information on Novalash eyelash extensions click here:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hair & Nail Growth - Biotin is the Power Pill

Powerful Little Pill...
Grew My Hair & Nails Fast!
Searching for something that will help support healthy, thick hair and strong nails? I certainly have, my bathroom is inundated with hair growth shampoos and nail growth base coats/top coasts and oils as a result of my quest for thicker hair and nails!  Someone suggested I might benefit from taking Biotin; a water-soluble B-complex vitamin (vitamin B7) that not only helps your hair and nails, it is essential for cell growth and metabolizing fats and amino acids.

So 6 months ago my husband and I both started taking Biotin... and WOW, our results have been fantastic!  Between my husband's Kirkland Minoxidil, and one 5000 mcg of Biotin a day, he seriously grew a whole new head of hair!  He had major thinning hair issues (much to the amusement of his bald friends), but now he is so hairy it's astonishing! As cheesy as it sounds, I can actually run my fingers through his thick hair, just like in the hair transplant commercials! 

My Biotin regimen is taking one 5000 mcg of Biotin a day (no Minoxidil).  My hair is growing like crazy,and it feels thicker.  My nails are long, strong and beautiful - so much fun to wear polish when your nails look good!  
My Husband has been using this
as directed for 6 months...
He grew a huge head of hair!

Now, we have tried other types of Biotin, but the one that we love the most is Nature's Bounty Biotin 5000 mcg Super Potency Capsules.  Most recently, I decided to try Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nail from Costco. What I did not like about this product is that 1) My results were no where near as good (interesting since it is the same company) 2) You have to take 3 tablets a day.  I strongly prefer taking just one tiny, easy to swallow Biotin capsule.  Now, I purchased my Nature's Bounty Biotin 5000 mcg Super Potency Capsules from my local Walgreens, where they are buy one, get one free. This product is also available at, but is more expensive.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup - Oh How I LOVE you!

Veil No.1 in Ivory.
When I facial tan, I use No. 2.
This make-up is amazing!  It creates a flawless illusion on my freckled Melasma riddled skin... and I LOVE it!!  The coverage is complete, but natural.  It is long lasting and absolutely LUMINOUS on!  Leaves skin looking tender, plump and radiant with very little effort.  I believe that part of the reason it does help improve appearance is because it also  is formulated with Matrixyl to stimulate the production of collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Skin Tightener ST improves skin's texture and promotes younger looking skin.  Every time I use Hourglass Veil I get compliments on my complexion... (they have no idea all the imperfections that lie beneath!!).  In this look here, I lightly set the make-up with Jane Iredale's Pressed Base in Amber. Bronzed with Tarte Park Avenue Princess Matte.  This make-up is long wear and had never caused me any breakouts like so many other brands.

Now, I want to address a complaint I hear from time to time about this make-up, and that is that it separates and is watery.  This is TRUE.  I have had 4 or 5 new bottles of this and all of them did tend to separate, but a good shake puts everything back into emulsion again (in just 10 seconds).  Now, I have not asked Hourglass why this happens, but I like to think this "watery" part contains all the potent skin tighteners and lifters that tighten my pores and create that flawless finish.  Either way, PLEASE don't let it deter you from trying this extraordinary foundation.  Available at Sephora stores & Barney's New York.

Sensa - Month 2 - It's Working for Me!

Sensa has allowed me to
cancel my "clean plate club"
I could have
easily eaten every bite!
Sensa gives me
appetite control!
When I met my husband I was a size four, that was 13 years ago.  For 12 of those 13 years, I have been trying to get back into those jeans, and let's just say - there is nothing I have not tried!  We love to eat out and we hate to exercise, and as a result we both have packed on the pounds.  I have realized that moderation and consistency are the ONLY ways for my body to lose weight and keep it off - but the moderation part is difficult for me since I am a long time member of the "clean plate club" (Bethenny Frankel - I love your books & CD's).  So my long time battle has been to make myself STOP eating at the first sign of being full - which is seriously hard to manage as a fast eater... but I'm trying.

What I noticed about Sensa is that it makes me eat slower and eat less.  I am slowly dropping weight, and I love that it is not making me a crazed, angry maniac in the process.  It does not contain stimulants that give me headaches or sleeplessness, and it is quite effortless to use.  I have lost about 9 lbs in 6 weeks just by sprinkling Sensa on everything... I mean EVERYTHING.  I even tried it in a glass of white wine (I do not recommend this - it is not meant for liquids).  As a result, I have completely cut out snacking and a lot of my afternoon cravings.  If the family wants Five Guys Burgers, I'll have Five Guys, but I can only get through 1/2 of the burger and 5-10 french fries.  Now I know many  of you are thinking that is still a huge amount of crap to eat -- and it is -- BUT it is 50% less than I was eating before!  All that adds up over time, and I am so grateful not to have to sit on the sidelines and watch my family eat delicious foods while I choke down a salad I don't want.  So I am LOVING Sensa!  I don't leave home without it and I feel like I am relearning portion control and mind control over my meals!

I was recently on a trip and ordered room service for breakfast.  I got an Egg White Frittata with asparagus, mushrooms, goat cheese and potatoes.  I had a very light dinner the night before and was pretty hungry, so normally I would have cleaned this plate of food without pause.  Here are pics of all I ate after Sensa, I mean, I was FULL!!!!

I will continue to keep you all posted.  To learn more about Sensa, go to

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Line Up - NEW Hourglass Scrip Eye Liner

From your left to right; Hourglass Script Liner,
Anastasia Brow Pen
Le Metier de Beaute Pen,
Hourglass Liquid Eyeliner (original)
This IS the finest tipped liner I have ever seen!  I lined it up here for comparison on some other fine pointed, precision liners.  From your left to right; Hourglass Script Liner, Anastasia Brow Pen, Le Metier de Beaute Pen, Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner (original).  So even though this may be one of the finest point liners, I'm not really that in love with it.  It lines so thin, it looks odd, so I keep building over it anyway to make it thicker!!  The other thing I don't like is that so far, it only comes in black.  So if you are looking for a recommendation on the best black liquid liner on the market, hands down it is Le Metier de Beaute Precison Liner.  First time I used it it took my breath away. Regrettably, they have very limited colors and selection and the pen is $42. 

Here is the same line up on skin (same order).
I applied a thin layer of Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion
as a base to show good contrast of the liners.

Super Close up!
From your left to right; Hourglass Script Liner,
Anastasia Brow Pen
Le Metier de Beaute Pen,
Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner (original)

Amazing Hand Creams - What Works Best

Moisturized hands are beautiful hands!  As an obsessive hand cream applier, I love trying new ones  as I am on a perpetual quest to find a product that keeps my hands and cuticles looking and feeling quenched all day... (between frequent hand washings and anti-bacings).  There are a few notable ones I have tried lately that I want to share with you.  I stress cuticle care because your hands and nails BOTH need to look healthy and hydrated to be beautiful! Have you ever seen someone with crusty cuticles, it's gross. If creams are too greasy, they ruin everything I touch - (especially the keys on my keyboard).  If they are too light, my hands feel tight and parched all day.  So here are some top guns in hand cream:

#1 Current favorite is the glycerin, allantoin and silicone based, luxe hand cream from Holland, L'annine. A little dab will do ya, and once it's rubbed in, is totally grease-less... it's like an intensive shot of hydration for chapped, dry hands.  This product is not very well known nor is widely available, but it a great find and smells AMAZING in the Fresh Mango scent. I got mine on or click here: L'annine

Contains Ceramides, Olive Oil
Extracts for regeneration
of dry skin.
#2 Cucina Fruits & Passion Nourish Hand Butter in Zucchini Flower & Truffle.  This is more like a tie for #1 as this formulation is just as effective as L'annine, but it also has a slew of other nourishing extracts and oils that restore dry hands and cuticles.  Zucchini Flower & Truffle scent smells like a freshly peeled banana... this cream smells DELICIOUS!  I love giving this cream as gifts to cooks and frequent hand washers... they go crazy with gratitude!  Available from

#3 True Blue Spa Paraffin Super Softening Hand Lotion.  This cream is fun ( I loved the play on a paraffin spa treatment), but it was the least effective for me.  For that reason, I apply this one right before bed when I'm not compelled to re-apply cream :-). It smells clean and citrus-y, it has a nice dispenser, but as with many other mineral oil based creams, they leave me wanting more. Due to it's paraffin formula, it does leave you feeling a bit waxy - it feel it is an ideal night time hand and cuticle cream.  Available at Bath and Body Works retailers everywhere.