Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sensa - Month 2 - It's Working for Me!

Sensa has allowed me to
cancel my "clean plate club"
I could have
easily eaten every bite!
Sensa gives me
appetite control!
When I met my husband I was a size four, that was 13 years ago.  For 12 of those 13 years, I have been trying to get back into those jeans, and let's just say - there is nothing I have not tried!  We love to eat out and we hate to exercise, and as a result we both have packed on the pounds.  I have realized that moderation and consistency are the ONLY ways for my body to lose weight and keep it off - but the moderation part is difficult for me since I am a long time member of the "clean plate club" (Bethenny Frankel - I love your books & CD's).  So my long time battle has been to make myself STOP eating at the first sign of being full - which is seriously hard to manage as a fast eater... but I'm trying.

What I noticed about Sensa is that it makes me eat slower and eat less.  I am slowly dropping weight, and I love that it is not making me a crazed, angry maniac in the process.  It does not contain stimulants that give me headaches or sleeplessness, and it is quite effortless to use.  I have lost about 9 lbs in 6 weeks just by sprinkling Sensa on everything... I mean EVERYTHING.  I even tried it in a glass of white wine (I do not recommend this - it is not meant for liquids).  As a result, I have completely cut out snacking and a lot of my afternoon cravings.  If the family wants Five Guys Burgers, I'll have Five Guys, but I can only get through 1/2 of the burger and 5-10 french fries.  Now I know many  of you are thinking that is still a huge amount of crap to eat -- and it is -- BUT it is 50% less than I was eating before!  All that adds up over time, and I am so grateful not to have to sit on the sidelines and watch my family eat delicious foods while I choke down a salad I don't want.  So I am LOVING Sensa!  I don't leave home without it and I feel like I am relearning portion control and mind control over my meals!

I was recently on a trip and ordered room service for breakfast.  I got an Egg White Frittata with asparagus, mushrooms, goat cheese and potatoes.  I had a very light dinner the night before and was pretty hungry, so normally I would have cleaned this plate of food without pause.  Here are pics of all I ate after Sensa, I mean, I was FULL!!!!

I will continue to keep you all posted.  To learn more about Sensa, go to trysensa.com

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