Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amazing Hand Creams - What Works Best

Moisturized hands are beautiful hands!  As an obsessive hand cream applier, I love trying new ones  as I am on a perpetual quest to find a product that keeps my hands and cuticles looking and feeling quenched all day... (between frequent hand washings and anti-bacings).  There are a few notable ones I have tried lately that I want to share with you.  I stress cuticle care because your hands and nails BOTH need to look healthy and hydrated to be beautiful! Have you ever seen someone with crusty cuticles, it's gross. If creams are too greasy, they ruin everything I touch - (especially the keys on my keyboard).  If they are too light, my hands feel tight and parched all day.  So here are some top guns in hand cream:

#1 Current favorite is the glycerin, allantoin and silicone based, luxe hand cream from Holland, L'annine. A little dab will do ya, and once it's rubbed in, is totally grease-less... it's like an intensive shot of hydration for chapped, dry hands.  This product is not very well known nor is widely available, but it a great find and smells AMAZING in the Fresh Mango scent. I got mine on or click here: L'annine

Contains Ceramides, Olive Oil
Extracts for regeneration
of dry skin.
#2 Cucina Fruits & Passion Nourish Hand Butter in Zucchini Flower & Truffle.  This is more like a tie for #1 as this formulation is just as effective as L'annine, but it also has a slew of other nourishing extracts and oils that restore dry hands and cuticles.  Zucchini Flower & Truffle scent smells like a freshly peeled banana... this cream smells DELICIOUS!  I love giving this cream as gifts to cooks and frequent hand washers... they go crazy with gratitude!  Available from

#3 True Blue Spa Paraffin Super Softening Hand Lotion.  This cream is fun ( I loved the play on a paraffin spa treatment), but it was the least effective for me.  For that reason, I apply this one right before bed when I'm not compelled to re-apply cream :-). It smells clean and citrus-y, it has a nice dispenser, but as with many other mineral oil based creams, they leave me wanting more. Due to it's paraffin formula, it does leave you feeling a bit waxy - it feel it is an ideal night time hand and cuticle cream.  Available at Bath and Body Works retailers everywhere.

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